Recommendations For Replacing And Repairing Your Vehicle's Broken Windshield

Posted on: 16 September 2020

Your vehicle's windshield is an important part of your car or truck, and if you cannot see out of it due to dirt or cracks, you cannot drive safely and should ensure a clear line of sight from your front windshield. When your vehicle windshield gets a rock chip or is shattered, there are some recommendations to help you take care of the process to get it back to rights. Here are some recommendations to help you successfully handle your vehicle's broken windshield and get it repaired and replaced.

Know When to Repair or Replace

As soon as your windshield gets hit with a projectile, whether it is a rock or a chunk of ice, safely pull over and inspect for cracks or chips from the glass. If you do find damage that is smaller than the size of a dollar bill, such as a chip of glass missing or a short crack, you can hire a windshield fill to repair the damage. Your windshield professional will fill the crack or chip with some epoxy resin that will fill the damage and hold the edges together to prevent further cracking. 

If your windshield has cracks that run across your line of sight or a crack that is continually growing when the temperature goes from cold to hot, you should replace your windshield. Contact a local windshield service provider to replace your windshield for you, and some can often arrange a mobile service while you are at work or at home. 

Check your vehicle insurance to see if you have a windshield coverage or if you have a high deductible. A windshield installation professional can advise you on if it can be helpful to bill the repair through your insurance based on your coverage.

Watch Out For Glass

When your windshield has been cracked, it is made of safety glass and it should hold together when it becomes cracked unless there is a great deal of force-driven into your windshield. However, a regular rock chip or growing crack across your windshield can lead to small slivers of glass fall from its surface. Be careful you don't cut yourself on this glass and don't pick it up with your fingers. Use a vacuum to clean up the glass to protect yourself from it.

Also, if you have recently replaced your windshield, the technician should clean up the glass from removing your old windshield, but sometimes pieces can get missed. Check carefully inside your vehicle's flooring and on the seats to look out for shards of glass before you get in to drive. 


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