Three Things To Consider When Replacing Your Shower Curtain With A Door

Posted on: 18 December 2019

Getting rid of your shower curtain once and for all can be a liberating experience. You won't have to experience the curtain fluttering around letting cold air in, touching you during your shower, or getting all mildewy and gross. However, before you make the leap to choose a shower door, there are a few aspects to consider and to make sure that you're getting with yours. Here's three of them.

Choosing Break-Resistant Glass

It's an important step to only buy shower doors with break-resistant or shatter-resistant glass. 

Break-resistant glass means that the glass is less likely to break if you were to lose your balance and fall on it. As you obviously don't want to fall through your shower door, this is quite important!

Shatter-resistant glass means that in the event that the shower door does break, it won't turn into a thousand tiny shards of glass that can potentially harm you. In this case, usually the glass will crack but won't actually come apart.

Frosted or Not

Another choice you have to make is whether to choose frosted glass or standard glass. There's no huge difference between the two, except that one provides modesty while the other is just transparent glass. Frosted glass is sometimes the more expensive of the two, but that's typically the only real difference. The question you have to ask yourself is whether or not other people enter the bathroom while you're showering, calling for the need for frosted glass, or not, meaning that either will do.

Heat Resistant

Lastly, if you like taking really hot showers, it may be a good idea to look for glass that's specifically marked as being heat resistant. While rare, it's possible for glass to break because of being exposed to extreme heat, especially if it was previously cold. If you like cranking up the hot water on an icy day to warm yourself up, you may want to look into heat-resistant glass.

Getting a shower door means that you don't have to trouble yourself with all the negative sides of having a shower curtain. With this simple guide, you should now be closer to deciding exactly what it is that you want in a shower door. If you have further questions or want to get the process started, contact a glass vendor to find out what kinds of shower doors they have available and how many of the above options are included. 


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