Why Impact Windows Are So Strong And The Benefits Of Installing Them On Your Home

Posted on: 29 December 2018

If your home needs new windows, then impact windows are worth a close look. These are beneficial if you live in an area where storms are frequent, but they also have other uses. Here's a look at how impact windows are made and why you should consider installing them on your house.

What Makes Impact Windows So Strong

Impact windows are stronger than traditional windows because they have a strong film bonded between two panes of glass. This film holds the glass together and keeps it in the frame if something strikes the window. Impact windows are often tested against hurricane-force winds and debris that is hurled against the glass at high speed. This type of window construction makes the glass very strong. In fact, when taken a step further and made with multiple layers of film and glass, the windows even offer protection against bullets. However, for storm protection, a single layer of film is enough to hold the glass in place and protect against impacts.

Why You Should Consider Installing Impact Windows

You may want these windows even if you don't get many bad storms in your area. That's because these strong windows improve the security of your home by protecting against intruders. It's very difficult to smash out impact glass, so your home is protected against theft. Impact glass also blocks sound. If you live near a busy street or next to a shopping complex, playground, or noisy neighbors, then impact windows can make the inside of your home quieter, which could be helpful if you have to sleep during the day. Because they hold strong during a storm, these windows keep rain and debris out of your house and eliminate the danger of looting when power is out and police protection isn't available after a bad storm.

One advantage of having the windows installed is that your home is always storm-ready so you won't have to stand in line for plywood to cover your windows when a big storm is approaching. Another side benefit of these windows is that they provide excellent insulation for your home too. The heavy-duty frames and double pane glass reduce heat transfer through the windows and that might keep your home more comfortable and help lower power bills.

Impact replacement windows come in all sizes and your choice of frames so they look just like traditional windows. The film between the panes is transparent and won't affect your view. If you have any concerns about safety from intruders or storms, then choosing impact windows could be a good decision.


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