Choosing The Right Film For Your New Building's Windows

Posted on: 11 September 2018

If you've recently purchased a new commercial building to relocate your business, the time is now for basic preparation before you move everything in. One of the things you may not have thought about yet is treating the window glass with specialty film. There are many different types of commercial glass film out there, and the right one will depend on what your actual needs are. Here's a look at some of the reasons you might want window film and the options you can choose from.

Sun Protection

The sun's rays can be damaging to your upholstery, carpeting, products, and more. Over time, ultraviolet rays coming in the window will fade all of them. When you're dealing with a commercial property, there's usually a lot of windows to contend with, which means a lot of space for those UV rays to come through and cause damage. Instead of chasing the damage after the fact, you can treat the windows to minimize the risk.

The right type of film for your sun protection needs partially depends on the look you want on your building. Reflective film turns the outside of the window into a mirror, and slightly darkens your view outdoors from the interior of the building. There are some deluxe reflective films that don't darken your view outside quite as much. These are great for bouncing the sun's rays back away from your building.

Other films are designed to provide ultraviolet ray protection without altering your windows' appearance or visibility. These are considered neutral protective films. They offer the same barrier against sun damage without affecting your view out or the visibility inside.

Security Purposes

Any time you're dealing with a property with that much glass, there's an inherent security risk. After all, glass is easy to shatter, which makes it a prime area for intrusion and burglars. If you run a retail store, there's plenty there to tempt would-be burglars. As a result, you may want to consider security film on your windows to help reduce this risk.

Security film can be installed on the inside of your windows. This film will help to protect your windows against completely shattering, whether from an intruder or even from severe weather. The film provides some reinforcement to the glass so that it holds together even if it's broken from any sort of impact. It is also designed to help create an ultraviolet ray barrier so you can get the benefits of both sun protection and security.


When you want to give your building a true sense of individuality, you should consider some decorative window films. These can be used on both exterior and interior glass, so you could create all sorts of things throughout the building.

Decorative window film can be as simple as a shimmery, rainbow-metallic film to draw the eye or even frost-colored film with lettering to increase privacy while still allowing you to identify your brand. You can choose gradient films that will get darker as they move down the window, or designs such as lines or checkerboards for a unique look.

No matter what kind of look you're trying to create, there's a way to do it with decorative film. You can use your company's brand colors to really make the building your own, or add your logo through the right cuts in the film. A window glass and film installer can help you with placement, design, and selection.

As you can see, there's a lot you can do with window glass film. Whether you're looking for added security, minimal sun damage, or just good looks, there are options that will fit your needs. Contact a company like American  Glass Tint Inc near you today to see what your choices are.


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