The Disadvantages To Using A Do-It-Yourself Auto Glass Repair Kit

Posted on: 20 November 2017

It is imperative that you repair a crack or chip in your windshield right away. Many things can cause the crack or chip to grow, including the vibration of driving on rocky roads, hitting a large pot hole, or the expansion and contraction of the glass when it is hot or cold out. If the crack or chip grows, a crack that could have been repaired may get so large that it becomes irreparable. In an effort to repair the damage quickly, you may consider using a do-it-yourself auto glass repair kit. Unfortunately, there are many disadvantages to using one of these. Here are a few of the disadvantages associated with do-it-yourself auto glass repair kits. 

You Lack the Knowledge to Properly Make the Repair

One of the biggest disadvantages to using a do-it-yourself auto glass repair kit is that you lack the knowledge to make the repair properly. Did you know that you shouldn't fill a chip or crack when it is freezing outside? Did you know that the windshield can't be too hot or the resin won't adhere? Did you know you should never wash the chip or crack immediately before filling it? There are a lot of things that you can do wrong when making the repair simply because you do not know. A professional knows all of this information and can correctly make the repair, ensuring it adheres. 

A Crack or Chip Can Only Be Repaired Once

Another disadvantage to using a do-it-yourself auto glass repair kit is that a crack or chip can only be repaired one time. You only get one shot to get it right. If you fail, windshield replacement is your only option at that point. Since there is only one chance to get the repair right, you should leave it in the hands of a skilled and trained professional, as they have a higher likelihood of correctly making the repair. 

The Resin in Kits Has a Short Lifespan

The last disadvantage to using a do-it-yourself auto glass repair kit is that the resin in those kits has a shorter lifespan than the resin that professional are able to order and use. If you plan on keeping your car for several more years, you want a long-lasting resin. A professional is able to buy these resins, while the general public is not. 

If you have a crack or chip in your windshield, it is best to leave the repair to an auto glass repair and installation company. Contact one today to find out how affordable repairs can be and to schedule an appointment to have your crack or chip fixed. For more information, you can go to websites like these.


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