Balancing Past And Present--5 Ways To Repair Historical Windows

Posted on: 24 August 2017

Owning a historical home means embracing and appreciating the antique features that make it special. But while you may love those aspects, they can also bring challenges for homeowners trying to live in the house while preserving its history.

Aging windows is one common area where this difficulty can rear its ugly head. If you face the problem of antique windows and are trying to decide what to do, here's a quick guide to your options.

Reduce Drafts

If the windows have become drafty and uncomfortable, you may be able to simply prevent those drafts without changing the entire window. You can often find out where drafts are coming from by placing some incense in front of the window to observe its movement. Remedy individual drafty spots using caulking, plastic sheeting, or clay string. 

Use Storm Windows

Another solution for drafts is to install a storm window outside the original historical window to make it more energy efficient. Storm windows should be easily removable so they won't affect the value of the home. This will save you money without compromising the original materials. 

Restore Glass

Original glass panes are one of the most important and valuable parts of antique windows, so you generally don't want to replace them. If your glass has become cloudy, pitted, or drafty, look for a professional restoration glass repair service before you throw anything out. This is particularly true if your windows have any special features like staining or artistic designs. 

Remove and Repair Wood

Obviously, most historical windows are made of wood, which doesn't hold up forever. But you may be able to remove the window frame with a crowbar and assess the condition of individual frames or sashes. Replacing only a specific part of the total window helps reduce the impact on the historicity of the unit or the look of the house. 

Use Similar Materials

If you simply must replace an original window because it's too far gone, look for modern materials that mimic the originals. A professional glass shop can often create a similarly colored or stylized pane to replace a broken one. And a custom wood designer can often replicate the thicker sashes and other trim detailing of period homes. 

No matter what challenge you're facing with your historical windows, you can find a solution that will help maintain the beauty of the home while making your day-to-day life a little easier. 


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