Protect Your Windows From Harsh Storms

Posted on: 2 May 2016

Spring doesn't just mean the flowers are blooming and the temperature is rising. For many parts of the country, this also means heavy rain, high winds, hail and other elements associated with strong thunderstorms. While you can't avoid these harsh weather scenarios, you can play an active role in keeping your windows safe from damage.

Storm Panels

If you live in an area that is especially susceptible to harsh storms or hurricanes, consider investing in storm panels. Storm panels are basically window coverings that cover the entire area of the window and block out flying debris, rain and high wind.

Panels come in a variety of different options and although metal is thought to be the most popular, don't overlook fabric panels. Fabric panels are typically made from a Kevlar or PVC coated fabric, allowing them to exceed many of the American Society. For Testing Materials (ASTM) safety requirements. Additionally, unlike some other options, they are easy to install and do allow some level of light to penetrate through.

Window Film

Consider adding storm film to your windows. Storm film is basically an adhesive material that is applied on the surface of the glass. It works by creating somewhat of a barrier that won't necessarily prevent any damage to the glass, but it will prevent shards of glass from erupting all over should the glass be damaged.

Glass shards can increase the level of damage inside your home and can be especially dangerous if someone is near the window when it breaks. In addition to its increased safety, window film is less intrusive than other options because it's basically undetectable and it can help limit the amount of UV rays that penetrate through the glass.

High-Impact Glass

If you really want to boost up your window protection efforts, consider investing in high-impact glass. As its name suggests, high-impact glass is designed to be able to withstand damage from flying debris at high speeds. While it looks like traditional glass, it generally comes in the form of double-glazed glass that is designed with two tempered glass panels that are separated by a thin layer of protective film.

One drawback some homeowners have about this protection method is its high cost. However, when you consider the fact that many homeowner's insurance policies offer a discount when this glass installed, the savings is well worth the investment.

If you're unprepared and harsh weather damages your windows, make repairs a priority. A window repair specialist like United Glass Service Inc can quickly analyze and repair any damage.


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