Shattered Glass In A Business Entry Door: Why A Fast Repair Is Vital

Posted on: 2 December 2015

Did thieves break the glass panes in your front entry door to rob your business? If you don't invest in a prompt repair for the broken glass, it can affect your business in multiple different ways. Find out in this article how leaving the glass panes broken can cause additional problems, as well as what a professional repair might cost.

Why Should Broke Glass in a Business Entry Door Be Promptly Repaired?

If you don't get the broken pane of glass repaired fast, it can have an effect on how unprofessional you are perceived by customers. Some of the potential customers might associate your failure to fix the glass pane with the quality of service that you provide. The shattered glass pane will make the outside of your business look unattractive, which can lead to potential customers not wanting to come inside. If the shattered glass pane was large, it makes your entry door look even worse (especially if it is covered with plastic).

Another way that the shattered glass pane can affect your business is by causing energy costs to go up. Heating and cooling a big building is already an expensive luxury, so you don't want any of the air seeping out through the broken glass. You must understand that even windows that are not broken are responsible for up to 25 percent of what it costs to warm your business up. It is natural for a small amount of heat to seep through glass, especially if they are not storm windows.

What is the Estimated Price of Getting Broken Glass Panes Repaired?

There are several things that can have an effect of what getting broken glass panes repaired. The quality of the glass being installed is one of the main factors, as multiple panes and argon gas are more expensive. Another thing that is factored into the overall price is the size of the replacement glass panes that are needed for the repair. The number of panes you need will determine the price as well when it comes to professional installation.

Expect to pay at least $50 for a professional to repair the shattered glass pane for you. A complex job that requires removing a lot of glass or installing heavy glass might cost over $500. Keep in mind that the glass will cost at least $3 and up per square foot, which is an additional fee to the labor expenses. Speak to a glass specialist, like the ones at Action Glass, about repairing the shattered glass in the entry door to your business as soon as possible!


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