Repairing A Chip In Your Vehicle's Window

Posted on: 30 November 2015

If one of your vehicle's windows has a chip in the pane, you will most likely want to do whatever is necessary to have it repaired so the window can be utilized normally. A window with a chip in it can be repaired on your own if it is relatively small. Cracks are best left to a professional window repair service to replace as they can shatter if not treated properly. Here are some general instructions to follow when filling in a chip in your vehicle's window.

Clean The Area

Bring your vehicle to an area away from sunlight so you can see the pane without glare. Evaluate the area to determine if the repair is small enough for you to handle on your own. If there are hairline cracks or a spiderweb appearance around the chipped area, the structure has weakened considerably, making it a candidate for a professional repair. If the chip is a simple, shallow void, clean the area using denatured alcohol in preparation for filling. Use a piece of microfiber cloth to apply the alcohol. Pick any small glass slivers out of the chipped area using tweezers. This will help the filler to adhere properly without an obstruction in the way.

Fill In The Crack

Window repair kits are available for purchase at home goods stores, hardware stores, and auto parts stores. These kits all work in virtually the same way, although the directions may vary slightly. Make sure to follow the written instructions precisely.

A glass repair kit will consist of an application device and a glass filler such as epoxy or acrylic. First, position the applicator directly over the chipped portion of the glass. This is usually held in place via rubber suction cups. Place the filler in the reservoir at the top of the application device and push the flange down, releasing the filler into the crevice. Pump the flange in the same manner you would a toilet plunger, pulling up and pushing back down. This will help remove any air bubbles from the filler as it is pushed into the chipped part of the glass.

Finish The Job

Remove the application device and move your vehicle in an area where there is sunlight or heat. This will help to harden the filler into place. Use a piece of microfiber cloth with denatured alcohol once again to clean off the area. Allow the filler to harden for several hours. Use a razor blade to gently shave away any excess filler from the surface of the glass if it is noticeable.

For professional help, contact a company like Allstate Glass.


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