3 Tips For Tackling An Ugly Pattern On Your Shower Door

Posted on: 30 November 2015

Glass shower doors are highly customizable, which is great when you are shopping for your own door but can lead to some decorating headaches when you buy a home with a dated shower door. The designs are sometimes just affixed to the surface but other times are actually etched into the glass or plexiglass. Design removal, if possible, can prove difficult and you might need to try different techniques.

The easiest route is to simply buy a new glass shower door. But if you can't afford one at the moment, there are a few tips for removing or at least covering the ugly pattern on your shower door. Regardless of which method you use, make sure you remove the door and put it on a flat surface in a well ventilated area before beginning.

Steel Pad or Razor Blade

You will need a razor blade, protective work gloves, ammonia, and a steel pad for this technique. Start by evenly pouring a light layer of ammonia across the design. Let the ammonia sit for a couple of minutes then start scouring the design with the steel pad. If the pad works, keep scouring until the design comes off.

If the steel pad doesn't work, you can switch to a razor blade. Using a very careful hand, scrape at the design with the sharp edge of the razor. If the scraping works, keep going until the design is removed.

Once the design is removed, clean the door thoroughly with water to remove any excess ammonia before reattaching the door to your shower.

Paint Thinner

If ammonia didn't work, you can instead try paint thinner and either a new steel pad or a clean scrubbing sponge. Make sure all of the ammonia is removed before trying the paint thinner.

Apply a light coating of the paint thinner to the design and let it set for a couple of minutes. Then use the steel pad or sponge to try and scrub off the design. Continue scrubbing until the design is removed or until it's obvious the paint thinner isn't working.

Colorful Door Cling

Some glass decorations are so deeply etched or strongly attached that you aren't going to be able to remove the design. Your main option now is to buy a decorative window cling that makes the surface of your door at least have a different pattern.

You need to buy a cling that can hide your current pattern. Stained glass style clings are often good for this since they have more intricate, colorful designs that won't let the existing design peek through.

To apply the cling, simply remove the backing sheet and put the adhesive side straight down on the outside of your shower door. Smooth out any lumps or wrinkles with your hands or a trowel then reattach the door for your shower.

If you can't find a cling that will cover your design, it's time to call a glass shower door company like Park Glass Inc for a quote on a new door.


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