How To Remove Dual Pane Windows For Repair

Posted on: 12 November 2015

Repairing dual pane windows is very technical work. Dual pane windows are filled with pressurized air between each pane. So, if even one of the panes gets broken or dislodged, the window will not be very energy efficient. Because the work is technical, it needs to be done by a window specialist. However, you can save a huge amount of money on the labor costs by removing the window sash from the frame on your own. Then, you can take the broken pane to the window repair specialist. This article explains how to remove casement and sliding sashes.

Removing Casement Windows

Casement windows are usually the easiest to remove. They are attached with hinges that are secured with screws. You can remove the hinge plates completely from the window frame. However, if possible, you should remove just the hinge pins instead. Every time you remove a screw from wood, it will be weaker when you screw it back into the same hole.

This is a two man job. One person will need to hold the sash as you remove the hinge pins. Remove the bottom hinge pin first so the window does not fall. The extra helper might need to be on the outside of the house since the windows open outward.

Removing Sliding Windows

Even wooden windows will probably have vinyl sliders. Since vinyl is flexible, it is possible to pop the sashes out of the frame without any tools, but it does take a little bit of problem solving. First, open the window a little bit, so you can grab the underside of the movable sash. A vertically sliding sash will shift slightly from side to side. Shift the sash to one side and push it back while pulling the other side forward. This slight angle should allow the sash to pop out of the vinyl. Don't be too concerned if the vinyl guides bend a little bit as the sash pops out.

Most window styles are specifically designed so the sash is removable. Usually, you will only run into a problem if you frames and sashes are custom and made out wood. In this case, the molding around the track will need to be removed and then renailed after the sash is reinstalled.

While your dual pane sash is being repaired, you can cover your window with plastic or a wooden board. A couple of days without a window will be well worth having newly, fixed and fully insulated panes.

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