How to Clean Smudges and Installation Debris from Your New Windows

Posted on: 15 September 2015

If you have recently replaced the old windows in your home with new windows, you may want to remove any smudges or debris that are left on the windows from their installation. Even though most homeowners have at least a dozen windows in their home, most people don't really know how to properly clean their window glass. Some new replacement windows are actually made of fiberglass. However, the cleaning technique is the same. Here are the steps to get your new windows spotless:

1. Mix up a solution of dish detergent and water. Your measurements don't have to be exact. A squirt of detergent in a bucket of water should suffice. However, try not to add so much detergent that your cleaning solution is filled with suds. Sudsy water still leaves spots if any bubbles are left to dry on the windows. 

2. Dip a lint-free rag into your cleaning solution and apply it to your new windows. If your windows are too high for you to comfortably reach and they don't open inwardly to be cleaned from inside your home, you can swap your rag for a mop with a long handle. The head of the mop just needs to be able to absorb enough cleaning solution for easy application.

3. After washing the smudges from your window with your rag or mop, your window glass will be wet, but there should not be a large amount of debris remaining on the glass.

4. Use a squeegee to remove the water, swiping from the top of your new windows downward. The squeegee will swipe the windows clean without redepositing dirt on the glass or leaving the debris that a rag or wadded piece of paper will often leave behind.  

5. After the window has been swiped with the squeegee, use a soft lint-free cloth, like those used to detail cars, to remove any leftover cleaning liquid that may have pooled around the frame of your windows.

If you have installed new windows in your home, they may need to be cleaned due the smudges that result from handling during installation. The steps above will get your new windows clean and can be repeated any time you need to remove dirt or debris from your window glass. To learn more ways to maintain your new windows or to purchase additional replacement windows, consult with a replacement window service in your area today, like A-1 Glass Co Inc.


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